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PLEASE SUPPORT US SO WE CAN SUPPORT THEM! The National Fallen Officer Foundation not only advocates for the safety and protection of our law enforcement officers, but it also stands ready to assist the families of “fallen” officers in times of tragedy.


They DESERVE OUR SUPPORT! Help us advocate on behalf of our men and women in blue to get them the protection they need and the respect and admiration they have so selflessly earned.

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DONATE TODAY to support your national police. The National Fallen Officer Foundation will provide aid and assistance to officers and the families of police and other law enforcement officers killed or critically injured in the line-of-duty throughout the nation. We are also committed to educating law enforcement officers on issues pertaining to officer safety, and will boldly advocate in support of fallen officers and their families.

Have a cause in mind that you would like to support? Under the "Direct Support Initiative," supporters can donate directly to any specific officer-support initiative. Simply enter the specific initiative, officers' name and/or the related crisis and we will make the connection with the officer or family to issue the support. And all donations are tax deductible.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Every dollar you donate supports Dallas police officers injured or killed in the line of duty. No donation is too big or small. Please donate today and show your support!

Your donations will be used to offer programs in support of "fallen" officer families, to raise awareness about the Foundation through education and advocacy and to provide financial assistance to the families of officers killed or critically injured in the line of duty. The Dallas Fallen Officer Foundation also holds community-engagement as a core component to achieving our mission and goals.

Yes, The National Fallen Officer Foundation is a 501 (c) 3, tax-deductible, nonprofit organization established under provisions of the Internal Revenue Service and the Office of the Texas Secretary of State to operate in the State of Texas.

There is no donation too big or too small. Every dollar helps us fuel our mission to help support our heroes in uniform.

National Fallen Officer Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3). EIN: #83-0660754
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