Community Impact

The National Fallen Officer Foundation began its mission in 2009 as the Dallas Fallen Officer Foundation. In 2017, due to our nationwide advocacy, the Dallas Fallen Officer Foundation evolved into the National Fallen Officer Foundation with headquarters in Washington, D.C. Since our inception, community engagement has been at the core of our mission. It is our belief that without positive ties to the community, effective policing is impossible.

That's why our Foundation has put countless hours into community engagement to help bridge the gap between the community and police departments nationwide. These interactions range from: attending schools to promote anti-bullying campaigns, visiting hospitals to show support for the sick, and speaking at community events to stop the violence in our inner-city communities.

Community Engagement

The police and the community are ONE!


Education and Advocacy

An educated community is a safe community!


Family Support

Supporting police families across the nation is at the heart of our mission!