Following the alterations in federal grant allocation for police equipment in response to the "defund the police movement," many law enforcement officers found themselves constrained by outdated gear due to dwindling budgets within police agencies.

It's widely recognized that the efficacy of bulletproof vests diminishes once their warranty expires. Recognizing this, the National Fallen Officer Foundation has embarked on an initiative to furnish small and medium-sized police agencies, unable to afford new vests, with Level III body armor to enhance their safety.

In recent years, there has been a notable surge in ambush-style attacks targeting police officers. Hence, there is an urgent need for enhanced protection and properly functioning equipment for law enforcement personnel.

To facilitate this need, the National Fallen Officer Foundation has forged partnerships with various vest production companies to facilitate the provision of Level III vests to police agencies. Under this program, we receive requests and collaborate with businesses in the respective regions to secure funding for the required number of vests. Once the order is fulfilled, the vests are directly shipped from the company.

All vests supplied through this program come with the standard 5-year warranty. However, the NFOF has negotiated terms to replace expired vests at a discounted rate. To date, we have assisted 13 police agencies in acquiring bulletproof vests.

To sustain this vital support, we rely on your generosity. Please consider donating to help protect our officers on duty. Together, we can make a difference in ensuring their safety.

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How to Participate

Individuals can donate to this initiative, and their funds will go towards police vests for the agency of their choice at $750 per vest. We ask that you give at least this amount, but anything you can donate is appreciated.


Agencies can requests vests directly:

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