The National Fallen Officer Foundation is a 501(c)3 police-support organization designed to assist the families of law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty nationwide. The Foundation's strategic mission is to: raise awareness about threats to officer safety; provide law enforcement advocacy; and provide assistance to police families.​

The National Fallen Officer Foundation also provides education and support programs that encourage law enforcement and community engagement. The Foundation operates in an "exclusive" space considering that its services are offered free of charge. There are no membership requirements associated with receiving a benefit nor are there any restrictions placed on donations made to families.​

The National Fallen Officer Foundation's executive board is composed of experienced law enforcement officials from across the United States. Our board members are uniquely qualified and understand the issues impacting the current state of law enforcement in America.

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More than half of America’s police agencies have officers deployed in the field wearing protective body armor with expired warranties.

After the federal government changed the way that it distributed grant funding for police equipment subsequent to the "defund the police movement," many police officers were left limited to their expired equipment because of police agencies' diminishing budgets.

It’s no secret that bulletproof vests begin to lose their effectiveness in stopping bullets from gunfire after the warranty expires. This is why the National Fallen Officer Foundation has taken on an initiative to provide police small and medium size agencies that are unable to afford to purchase vests with new Level III body armor to help keep them safe. 

Over the last decade, there has been a sharp increase in ambush-style attacks on police officers, so now more than ever they need greater levels of protection and equipment that functions properly. 

How to Participate

Individuals can donate to this initiative, and their funds will go toward police vests for the agency of their choice at $750 per vest. We ask that you give at least this amount, but anything you can donate is appreciated.

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  • The National Fallen Officer Foundation began its mission in 2009 as the Dallas Fallen Officer Foundation. In 2017, due to our nationwide advocacy, the Dallas Fallen Officer Foundation evolved into the National Fallen Officer Foundation with headquarters in Washington, D.C. Since our inception, community engagement has been at the core of our mission. It is our belief that without positive ties to the community, effective policing is impossible.

    That's why our Foundation has put countless hours into community engagement to help bridge the gap between the community and police departments nationwide. These interactions range from attending schools to promote anti-bullying campaigns, visiting hospitals to show support for the sick, and speaking at community events to stop the violence in our inner-city communities.