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July 4 shooting: Social media companies a 'big part' of shooting, not sharing content with police

Tre Pennie reacts to the July 4 parade mass shooting in Highland Park, Ill.

PENNIE: Social media is a big part of this. Think about it. These companies are not even sharing information with law enforcement. And we know that these indicators are out here with these mass shooters. I'm sick and tired of these mass shootings happening in the United States. But the reality is these social media companies, they see this content on their platform and they're not sharing it with law enforcement. So we can talk all day long about being reactionary and what signs we missed as … law enforcement agencies. But the bottom line is, if we don't get the information before the attack occurs, then there's no way that we can intervene to stop the attacks from even happening. … And with that in mind, Judge, I want to make sure I remind people - as the president of the National Fallen Officers Foundation - I want to remind people that we are coming up on the sixth anniversary of the mass shooting attack in Dallas, Texas, that claimed the lives of five police officers.